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Hello, Scroll though and uncover middle school and high school resources to help guide your cooking, culinary, FCS and sewing students.

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An education resource to help create ways to free you up in your FCS, Prostart or Foods classroom. 

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Fumbling Through A New Lesson.

This semester I taught two grade 9 cooking classes. Part of my Ontario Curriculum is Sustainable Tourism. It feels like a huge topic!...

8 Practical Tips To Set Up Your Classroom

I teach high school. Since I teach a tech (culinary) and need a kitchen usually I have one classroom that I will have all my classes in....

9 Tips For The BEST Vacation Ever!!

I am thinking about summer a bunch!! Mostly how will I manage my 6 kids, but also how will I build memories with them to look back fondly...

My #1 Tip To Make Your Class Memorable

2 Things Students want from your class: Something to share. (talk about/post about) 2. Want to create (made well by them) My secret...

My Tips On Ending The School Year Well!

My tips for the last week of school: Make cleaning and closing the kitchen part of their mark but DON'T make it the last day of school!...

Why beauty matters in your classroom!

Making beautiful things is important! Taking time, developing a skill matters, it is not just subjective taste based thing, it is a...

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pasta posters for the family consumer science or cooking classroom
Regional Foods Of The USA Flap/Flip Book For FCS and ProStart Classes
Discovering Flavours In Foods For FCS and ProStart Classes
Bake Shop Bundle For ProStart And Cooking Classrooms by Fork and Knife Teacher
cooking methods culinary terms digital bundle for FCS and prostart classrooms
Expectations Posters
Sewing Escape Room Game
sewing tools digital worksheets
History of Culinary Note
Lean, Rich and Rolled In Dough
Flavour Unit - editable
First Day of Class Sewing - Digital
First Day of Class Culinary
Essential Nutrients
body shape slides
kitchen brigade jepoardy
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