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Do you want to get ANY tpt product for FREE?

So, I need step by step instructions with most things. Not that I will actually read them but I will generally scan them. Something I found difficult to find scannable instructions on is the tpt credits system. Where was the scannable instructions? The IKEA style cartoon pictures showing me the way?

It seems if you go into tpt and click around a bit it can be found. I wanted to pass along the information to you, so you can start using your free tpt credits how ever you want to!

Below is your step by step instructions on how to……….earn free products.

The big answer is reviews!

  1. Go to your 'My Purchases' after you log in. It's under the tpt icon that represents you

(upper right hand corner of screen)

  1. Click on the LEAVE A REVIEW button

  1. fill out your rating

*Select grade level used

*Student fit

*Overall experience

  1. leave a short comment (min. 50 characters).

  1. You’ll earn TPT credits, which you can redeem on future purchases

My Purchases is also where you can re download updated items for free!

How much do you earn?

  • $1 spent = 1 credit earned (.05 cents)

  • Example $25 resource = 5 credits (.25 cents earned)

  • 20 credits = $1

How do I redeem?

Your TPT credits are shown in U.S. Dollar (USD) amounts as part of your account balance.

To apply your account balance to a purchase, select the "Use Account Balance” option under the "Checkout" button in your cart.

Then, enter the amount you'd like to apply toward your order, and click "Apply."

Your receipt will show the amount used listed as “Account Balance.”

Your account balance is the sum of your TPT Credits and any TPT ClassFund contributions that have been given to you.

You can check your account balance for a breakdown of TPT Credits earned and TPT ClassFund contributions.

Just select "Account Balance" from the header dropdown menu.

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