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7 Secrets To Teaching When Everyday Is Your 1st Day!

I LOVE supply teaching!

With 6 kids it is my favourite way to stay in the classroom but also be available to my family as needed.

The biggest challenge is everyday is the 1st day of school. You don't know the students and they don't know you.

Here's how to succeed!c

1. There was no work left for you

Class games ready to go (Would Your Rather, Name 3 Things)

You can be tossed into any class and have some way to:

  • grab attention

  • manage the room

  • start building connections

2. Smile, welcome students to the class, meet them at the door.

We don't like surprises and neither do students. I like them to see me as they walk down the hall.

Students often seem to think different means bad:

new teacher = out to get me and must assert my space

My 1st line of defence is to get chatty!!

3. Logistics - I never rely on seating plans left for me

  • Take attendance and make your own seating plan as you do.

  • Writing out student names helps me to remember them

  • I can write them phonetically if it is a spelling from another language

Ex. Seamus (Galic) = Shamus (my understanding)

Sean (Galic) = Shawn (my understanding)

This is BIG with students that you say their names correctly right from the start!

4. Start using students names as soon as possible and often

  • they act up less when they realize there is no anonymity

5. Figure out how you can call for information. (library open? guidance offices open?)

Scan the room, how does the teacher communicate with the office or other rooms

  • phone

  • intercom

  • computer

  • text

6. Smile, laugh and nod with empathy

7. Don't forget you are not alone, there are teachers across the hall and next door if you have a question about anything.

Looking for Back to School 'Get To Know You' games?

Click HERE to go to my store FCS Fork and Knife Teacher and see the 3 Back to School Games I have prepared for you.

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