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What? You Need Me To Teach An AUTO Class??!!!

My secrets to teaching something you know NOTHING about!

So this semester at school I'dropped to 1 class. I have some little people to take care of who needed me to have a little more flexibility with my schedule. So, when things are good and everyone is happy, healthy and at school I can pick up some supply teaching. These last 2 weeks it's been an AUTO class but, there are no lesson plans. The previous teacher had to leave suddenly so it's just me and the students.

First they want to know where their teacher was which I have no information on. Then they want to know what they are going to be doing uhhhhhh...... ?

Me and 40 young men and 1 young women in a large auto body shop....staring at each other. So what to do? I pulled up the Ontario Curriculum and said I am your theory teacher until your practical teacher is hired.

Next, I start googling what I can find out about engine lubrication systems, engine lubrication systems and four stroke engines.

Each day we take on a new topic.

  • post a small article in their google classroom

  • make a word search or crossword of the key terms

  • ask them to find definitions for key terms

  • have them label a picture with the key terms

  • watch videos about the topic

It hasn't all been beautiful. My grade 12 class is hardly there because they 'just want to work on engines'. My grade 10's mostly do the work laid out for them but, some are resolute that they will only work on engines not learn the theory about them.

Each day I show up though, calling each of them by name, asking how their weekend was and trying to show them what having a positive attitude in a difficult situation is like.

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