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Fumbling Through A New Lesson.

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

This semester I taught two grade 9 cooking classes. Part of my Ontario Curriculum is Sustainable Tourism. It feels like a huge topic! There are so many different ways restaurants, hotels and tourism companies are trying to tackle complicated issues.

The first time I teach a new lesson or concept can be a real challenge. I'm trying to figure out what are the important points to share.

I found YouTube is my friend for short 2-3 minute videos for real life examples of business that are doing what they can.

I think my students were a little confused on what I was wanting them to do initially but...I edited, rewrote and added checklists. I think now I have something that I will not fumble through the next time I teach on this topic.

  1. Start with a discussion - what do students already know

  2. Pictures are soooo helpful (YouTube). I used some great short 1-2 minute videos to teach and start discussions.

  3. My students still love a checklist that is printed out that they can work through, it's helpful for me to see where they are in the process.

  4. Lots of circulating, checking for comprehension.

I loved finding Zac Efron's series Down To Earth Season 2 in Australia. It's full of companies and small clips that can be used to show real examples of sustainable commerce.

Oh and my new favorite thing is telling students they will in some way be presenting their information to the class. For some reason just handing their work into me they will make it messy, hard to read, incomplete and that's even if it's something they are just copy and pasting from the internet! The minute I tell them this may be something you will be showing the class, or I will be showing the class to discuss the topic, WOW does the quality of work ever go up.

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