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9 Ways To Motivate Your Students This Year!

Sometimes students need a little convincing that the work you are asking them to do is worth it!

1. Explain the bigger picture - why is the skill you are teaching them good or helpful in their lives

2. Involve them - choice when possible is always a winner

3. Trust them - after safety training of course, let them show you they can

(reminder posters of safety tips around the class)

4. Inspire them - remind them of the skills they are learning.

(adult skills > how to cook for yourself)

5. Appreciate them - praise and positive feedback

6. Reward - something they can feel, tangible

(eating food, make a garment or decoration)

7. Challenge - games, races, competition

8. Celebrate - small goals during the bigger project

(made icing > will eventually make and cake and decorate it)

9. Deliver Information - how have they progressed, what do they still need to work toward

Adapeted from ACS Careers

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