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8 Practical Tips To Set Up Your Classroom

I teach high school. Since I teach a tech (culinary) and need a kitchen usually I have one classroom that I will have all my classes in. So my 3 classes are in one space and I can really set up that space to suit my classes needs.

BUT! there are 4 classes in the day, so it is likely that another teacher will be coming into the space 1 of the periods of the day to teacher their class. Often I need to coordinate storage and bulletin board space with someone else.

I know many teachers who have each of their classes in different rooms during the day! That means the bell rings and they are off with the students running to the next space where they will greet a class and start their lesson. That is why high school classes in my school board often aren't decorated, done up or really made into wonderful cozy spaces. Such a shame because when teachers are allowed to settle in and claim a space those classrooms really become a welcoming environment.

If you are running from class to class my #1 TIP - make your digital projections count!

I do a lot of supply teaching and have a lap top and adapters so I can always plug into the existing set up in a classroom

  • welcome slide each day

  • outline slide of the day or weeks lesson

  • use graphics or colors to communicate in your slides

If you are blessed with a space to claim here are some practical tips to prep help your space and yourself for some good teaching times ahead:

1. Your Desk: Do you want to always face the classroom entrance? Is there somewhere else you want to make sure your desk faces like the kitchen, a window, projector or screen?

2. Seating Arrangement:

How do you want students to work with each other? Will your class be more learn on your own, find a partner or find a group? Arrange your desks to what your want as a default (clusters, lines, individuals).

3. Class Library and Seating Zone:

This is easy for a cooking teacher. Of course I want a zone filled with cookbooks that students can reference and gain inspiration from. Do I often have this area? No, but in my ideal world it is someplace with a bit more of a comfy chair, small table, desk lamp and some picture heavy food books YEAH!

4. Classroom Tech

Fire up the tablets, computers, printers, projectors, whatever technology you have at your disposal. You need to know what works and what doesn't before those students walk through the door.

5. Poster Prep

Laminate whatever posters you have invested in to make them last.

These are the posters I laminated and used for my Cooking Methods Unit

6. Bulletin Boards

Will you be changing them with each unit or keeping basic must know info up on them all year? Whichever plan you use don't leave them blank. Pictures can tell your students so much like, what they are going to learn about or even how to act in class and you don't have to say a word!

7. Class Door

As a mom of a child with anaphylactic allergies I like to use this space to advertise if there are any food allergies in the class. I take student safety seriously. I believe in helping other students to be aware, do the right thing and not bring dangerous foods into the classroom.

8. Classroom Communication

Prep a large classroom calendar students can reference for project due dates, test dates and units of study. I don't really like being surprised and I think most people fall into that category as well.

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Adapted from Hey Teach Article

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