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#1 Tip - How to Control The Classroom In The First 5 Minutes

I love supply teaching! It gives me a lot of flexability in my life. With now 5 kids at home (1 is at University) there is a lot to keep on top of.

Here is my #1 tip for how to control the classroom in the first 5 minutes you arrive.....

Start Using Their Names! I take attendance and make a quick seating plan. Sure maybe your lucky and you were left a seating plan but writing out their names is the first step.

Second start using their names. Have a conversation, ask some questions, whatever. Start using their names. You want them to know you know who they are. Firstly because if they are acting up they can be identified and secondly... we love it when people know us and see us.

Watch my video, I talk all about why and how I use students names in class and why it helps me control the classroom in the first 5 minutes.

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