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An education resource to help create ways to free you up in your FCS, Prostart or Foods classroom. 

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My Funnest Activity In Baking Class

I love the amazement students have when they start working with yeast! It all starts with the bubbling, foaming and fermenting smells of...

Here come the games for cooking class!

Hi! In this Loom, I'm going to show you my quick bread, bake shop culinary terms matching game for FCS, ProStart and cooking classrooms...

Fumbling Through A New Lesson.

This semester I taught two grade 9 cooking classes. Part of my Ontario Curriculum is Sustainable Tourism. It feels like a huge topic!...

8 Practical Tips To Set Up Your Classroom

I teach high school. Since I teach a tech (culinary) and need a kitchen usually I have one classroom that I will have all my classes in....

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