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An education resource to help create ways to free you up in your FCS, Prostart or Foods classroom. 

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Fumbling Through A New Lesson.

This semester I taught two grade 9 cooking classes. Part of my Ontario Curriculum is Sustainable Tourism. It feels like a huge topic!...

8 Practical Tips To Set Up Your Classroom

I teach high school. Since I teach a tech (culinary) and need a kitchen usually I have one classroom that I will have all my classes in....

9 Tips For The BEST Vacation Ever!!

I am thinking about summer a bunch!! Mostly how will I manage my 6 kids, but also how will I build memories with them to look back fondly...

My #1 Tip To Make Your Class Memorable

2 Things Students want from your class: Something to share. (talk about/post about) 2. Want to create (made well by them) My secret...

My Tips On Ending The School Year Well!

My tips for the last week of school: Make cleaning and closing the kitchen part of their mark but DON'T make it the last day of school!...

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