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Perfecting Recipes For Students Who Don't Read Instructions

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

So at the start of class I always go over what we are making. I start with the announcement 'phones away and ear buds out'. Unfortunately I repeat that phrase a few more times as phones keep popping out during the lesson.

I will pass out the recipe and then begin to go over ingredients and the amounts. Next I will discuss certain technique points. Today they are finishing cinnamon buns. I will do a demo when I'm done talking but I also tell them they are rolling out the dough and what size it should be before my demo

Here's the thing! Rarely do I find my students reading the instruction or listening well even though phones are away and ear buds are out. Mostly they just read the ingredients. This is my 7th time teaching this grade 9 course.

Instead of fighting what's happening I'm starting to add pictures to my ingredient list. Making it more pictorial and adding visual cues for next steps.

Here's my thinking! these students aren't really into becoming chefs or bakers. They just want to know how to make a few things and impress family with their skills. So, here are my recipe pages for my 2 day cinnamon buns.

Maybe you agree with me, making it more 'user friendly' or maybe not. Here's the thing. I need the students to like baking, to be successful in it so they will take it next year and 'grow' the program. Right now this is what's working for me.

Here are the recipes I've been working on:

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