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My #1 Tip To Make Your Class Memorable

2 Things Students want from your class:

  1. Something to share. (talk about/post about)

2. Want to create (made well by them)

My secret weapon is insta worthy food

Think of something that when you bring it out people go WOW

Here is a recipe that I like using - Braided Cream Cheese Danish

Tips for success:

  • Have a recipe on paper or online for students to read - (I have worked with teachers who don't)

  • Have a video version for students to watch

  • Send out, hand out recipe and video prior to class for students to read/watch

  • In class - read recipe to students

- watch video with students

  • Allow students to make a 'rough copy' or 1st version to get a feel for the item

recipe below makes 2 large braids, student can make braids smaller and get more practice making the item


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