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Make it fun and easy!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I just had my 6th baby!

For me to accomplish tasks right now they need to be fun and easy.

Cleaning up after dinner needs to involve music and singalongs with the kids even if it is Baby Shark.

Putting away laundry, laundry delivery as we call it is a Crazy Frog song race against the clock to get it done before the song finishes.

Maybe you're thinking, 'But wait! Work needs to be hard hard and not easy'.

Recently I listened to a great podcast. (Greg McKeown on Business Made Simple Podcast #24) that says the opposite and it rings true in my home life and in the life of the classroom. My lessons need to be fun (a.k.a enjoyable and interesting) to keep me as the teacher engaged but also to keep my students coming back for more. They also need to be easy. I think my lessons should be in small enough chunks that my students say to themselves,

'okay, i got that, what's next?'

So that is my vision for the new school year making my life and hopefully the lives of others around me FUN and EASY. My new 'fun and easy' at home this summer with the kids is balloons!! Filled with air, water or dirt they seem to entertain in almost any form they take on.

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