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How To Give This School Year A Fiery Finish!

I'm talking the great summer tradition on CAMPFIRES!

Everybody camps in Canada! From the city dwellers, small towners, suburbanites, 1st generation or been here a long time Does Not Matter!!

Campfire know how is a bragging right.

There are a few different styles of campfires to set up:

  • platform

  • teepee

  • log cabin

  • star

Log Cabin and Platform fires can be used to set a grate on top of or pots directly into the coals.

Teepee fires give off great heat for warming up and also play a part in starting or maintaining the log cabin and platform fires.

The best way to cook over an open fire is usually by creating some substantial coals to help keep the heat even.

It can take a while to get those illustrious coals because the wood must burn first.

If you can get your students out side and roasting over and open flame please make sure fire extinguishers and buckets of water are close by.

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