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9 Tips For The BEST Vacation Ever!!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

I am thinking about summer a bunch!! Mostly how will I manage my 6 kids, but also how will I build memories with them to look back fondly on. I found a great article with some great Tips and Tricks on how to vacation well:

  1. Plan Early - anticipation is a great source of joy

  2. Quantity Over Quality - many 1-2 night get aways, over a 1 week event

  3. Do New Things - It makes time slow down

  4. Do Enjoyable Things - some things that make people happiest (socializing, exercising, spiritual activities, eating)

  5. Outsource The Not Fun Stuff - whatever chores get you down, see if you can hire someone to do them while on vacation

  6. Manage Work - If you still need to work on vacation that's okay, just try to break it up and find a time that works for you

  7. End On A High Note - End on a bang, best meal for the last night, that activity you have been waiting to do, that special religious event, make it at the end.

  8. Manage The Transition - If work starts Monday set your self up for success by prepping the groceries, laundry and cleaning etc. before Sunday night.

  9. Create Your Story - The story you tell is important! Share the good stories, funny adventures and strengthening challenges that you overcame, those become your memories.

Here's a couple of resources for your transition back in the Fall. Go and have your BEST summer vacation ever!

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