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5 Reasons Why Netflix/You Tube Should Be A Part Of Your Classroom

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

My chosen shows are Netflix Food Shows (Chef's Table, Rotten, Street Food Asia, Chef Show) or Disney + (Uncharted)

Below I listed why they are a part of my classroom and why maybe they should be a part of your!

  • Shows people with passion

People loving the often hard work they do.

(message: we can do hard things, it is okay)

  • Introduces a variety of cultures

Over these last 2 Covid years our world my have gotten to small

(message: there are other people out there, we should say hi)

  • Taking care of our resources (soil, water, air)

Cooking quickly moves to discussions about ingredients.

(message: better ingredients = better food)

  • Shows other cultures in a positive light

Often cooking shows talk about the champions of food cultures. This might be the street vendors keeping cooking traditions alive or a Michelin Star chef.

(message: there are good things happening in the world outside our backyards - HOPE)

  • Sometimes those ingredients are CRAZY!

They eat what, and they are okay?

(message: just because it's not something I do that doesn't make it wrong)

ex. Hampster's as livestock in Peru Thank you Gordon Ramsey Uncharted Season 1

I rarely have me students just spend a class watching a show. Usually it is something for when they are eating the food they have made in class and are done cleaning up. In my board students aren't allowed into the kitchen with a supply teacher so video is often a part of that hour and twenty minute class.

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