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4 Amazing Websites To Kick Off Your Budgeting Unit

Some great financial literacy websites to kick off budgeting units, this is mostly USA specific data: - a bunch of resources

  • How to read a pay stub

  • Guide to buying a home

  • Practice interview questions

  • Understanding a credit card statement

  • Understanding personal financial goals

And a bunch more….. - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

explains a lot of the lingo in budgeting, information is chunked for easy reading - Urban Ministries of Durham

An online 'game' students play individually to try to make it through a month on $1000. Eye opener to the challenges of poverty and losing one's job. - Reality Check - Financial smarts for students

Students click choices for their dream life. The website with real financial data gives then an idea of how much it will cost and jobs that might help them achieve it.

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