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A 15 Year Old In My Kitchen

Some years I feel the rush of Christmas coming on slowly, others it a jumps right in front of me like a toddler at the end of a long day. This year, I'm wanting to visit every craft sale, cookie swap and linger in the Christmas isles. I think maybe because last year and even until recently here in Ontario we couldn't. I am more grateful, more aware.

With the lessons I am creating I am also trying to be more aware. Trying to think how would my students read this? They are seeing this info for the first time, how can I repeat it multiple ways, multiple times to help it stick?

My oldest son, who is in grade 10 just took the class I teach called TFJ10 (Tourism and Foods Junior grade 10) at his school, not with me as the teacher. Sure I've tried to teach him cooking over the years but I'm mom. When I get home often I just want to get dinner done, not slow down the process with teaching, but I'm getting better. It was eye opening journeying through this class with him. First, to see how another teacher works with the same material. Also, to see how my son learned so much and loved it! No surprise there though, best course around.

Here's what I've been working on this month:

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Buy the way, now I have a 6 foot tall 15 year old sous chef in the kitchen at dinner time and his 8 year old brother is our new apprentice. I'm learning how to be teacher mom at home and they are learning valuable skills - how to take care of yourself and others!

Stephanie - Fork and Knife Teacher


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