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The Story of It All

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Story is so captivating.

It's my new hidden way of teaching.

Tell a student a story about when you first made eggs or an injury someone got in the kitchen misusing tools. When I learned about using knives in the kitchen 20 years ago and the instructor wanted to make the point that you should not wipe your knife on your apron. He told us a story about the femoral artery that runs down your inner thigh; about how that artery if cut, will make you bleed out and die in under four minutes. How an ambulance wouldn't get there in time to save us and neither would him standing on our leg to stop the blood.

That was a very vivid and gruesome story, but I have NEVER wiped my knife on my apron, and it is 20 years later. I'm even saying the story doesn't need to be real. Think of it like a fable. A story used to get a message across when just saying the message falls on deaf ears.

Story is my new classroom superhero and I am its sidekick.

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