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In The Beginning

I still remember when I decided, choose, set my sites on working in the world of hospitality. It was grade 8 and the school guidance counsellor came to our class to have us map out our high school course selections.

The first step though was to have us write down what we wanted to do. I had been reading the night before about how this enchanting word called hospitality was something people could do. I pictured it as a world of charming parties and fun. Okay I thought let's give that a try.

That's how it started, my career in the industry, 'let's give that a try'. It was a gradual easing into the world of multicultural workplaces, manners and quick thinking. Most of my students though choose my class to eat food. They like the idea of making food and eating it for a class. They aren't interested in charming parties and fun in the hospitality industry just donuts, cupcakes or french fries.

With those students I need to remember not to overwhelm them with Mother Sauces or pate choux right from the start. I need to start with the basics like how to handle meat, working with knives and making amazing garlic bread sticks. Then I will lead them into 'let's give that a try'.

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