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Why beauty matters in your classroom!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Making beautiful things is important! Taking time, developing a skill matters, it is not just subjective taste based thing, it is a universal need of being human, to create beauty!

1. It gives the creator a sense of accomplishing something enriching and wonderful!

My children made birthday cards for their uncle yesterday. They spent the afternoon choosing markers, stickers and figuring out how to spell words. Much like you would expect from 9,7 and almost 5 year olds. Their cards were colourful and occasionally needed their assistance for interpretation. I thought they were creative, full of joy and beautiful and so did their uncle.

My 19 year old sent her little brother a birthday card. It was a replica of a pokemon card made with his face on it and it was beautiful because it was creative and made him happy.

We encourage our students to work with their hands, make things. To work on creating beauty and that is a good thing.


2. It encourages students to take my course!

At my school my course is an elective, students can choose to take it once their required courses have been chosen.

It's a constant push to keep my course relevant and interesting to students so they will talk to their friends and encourage them to take it. My secret weapon, beauty. Students want to be proud of what they have created. I like even from the first attempt to give students some level of attainable beauty wether that is a beautiful marriage of flavours, colour of ingredients or food design.

I want my students to get their cameras out at the end of class and be busy loading their creations onto their social media feeds.


3. Students are engaged in lessons

I find that if my materials are creatively made, intentionally laid out with the reader in mind students are more likely to follow along.

The beauty of the course materials I give to them matters.

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